Program Description

For many families, being a caregiver to a person with a disability can be very demanding. Respite services provide families with a temporary break from such day-to-day responsibilities and provide the individual with new relationships and experiences. We plan the need for respite service and help determine how to structure it appropriately. We offer a selection of screened and trained caregivers who can provide the best level of support.

Where Does Respite Take Place?

Respite can take place in a caregiver’s home and in the community. A caregiver is a person who has been screened and trained to provide the best possible level of support.

How Does it Work?

The respite program provides safe, supportive home environments for people with a disability. Each respite arrangement is designed by the person, his or her family or support network, and the Respite Coordinator. The Respite Coordinator screens, orients and monitors all caregivers. The Coordinator provides a choice of suitable caregivers to individuals and families wishing to use respite services. Once a person has been matched with a respite caregiver, the person and his or her family schedules allotted respite days and the Coordinator monitors respite visits and acts as a liaison between individuals and caregivers.

How to Access this Program

To access this program, you must be over the age of 19 with a developmental disability, fetal alcohol syndrome, or autism. Referrals are made through Community Living BC. Families or individuals who receive alternate funding for respite services may access this program without a referral. To find out more about the program please see our Children’s Respite Services Information page or contact our Adult Respite Liaison Shelby Ellis at 604-467-8700 or by email

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