Residential Services


Home Sharing

Home Sharing is a residential option in which a person elects to share a home with someone, such as another family or a roommate, who provides ongoing support and assistance. Individuals interested in this option are matched with home sharing providers living in the community who have been recruited and screened to provide 24-hour residential support in their homes.

The Home Sharing model offers a wide variety of arrangements and relationships. For example, some people may live as a member of the provider’s family, sharing routines and activities, while maintaining their own network of personal support. Others may prefer a more independent arrangement, such as a private living space or separate suite, where they interact with the home sharing provider only at certain times or for certain purposes. A compatible placement provides value to the lives of the person, the home sharing provider and other people in the home.

Supported Living

The Supported Living program is for people who decide to maintain their own residence in the community, and require only minimal support to do so. The level of support varies according to individual needs. It can include such things as assistance with budgeting, transportation, meal preparation and coordination of appointments.

Support workers visit people at home or in the community and help with things such as:

  • taking the bus to appointments
  • grocery shopping, cooking, and meal planning
  • budgeting
  • meetings with social or financial aid workers
  • organizing medical appointments
  • household skills
  • employment and connecting with community services

Some activities might also take place in groups.

Group Homes

When looking for a place to live some individuals may choose to share a home with a small group of people. Support is provided by staff and typically ranges from moderate to full 24 hour care, depending on the abilities of each resident.

RMACL owns and operates ten group homes which provide professional staff support for people with complex needs. Each home is unique and reflects the personalities, interests, and cultural background of the residents. Residents participate in and are part of the local community. They contribute to the maintenance and operation of the home, socialize with family and friends, go to work or attend day programs, participate in sporting or cultural events, and carry out their daily routines.

Cluster and Subsidized Housing

RMACL offers housing in apartment buildings in Maple Ridge. One of the opportunities, Callaghan Plaza, offers several subsidized one and two bedroom suites in a central location. An on-site caretaker is available to respond to emergencies. Two additional one bedroom suites at Maple Court are offered through a partnership with BC Housing. Other cluster living opportunities are available in various apartments throughout the community.

How to Access these Programs and Services

To access these programs, including cluster living, you must be over the age of 19, have a developmental disability, fetal alcohol syndrome or autism, and be referred by Community Living BC. Referrals for subsidized housing, though spaces are limited, can come from any source. For more information please contact us at 604-467-8700 or by email at

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