adult services

Adult ServicesRMACL’s Adult Department provides many services for adults with a developmental disability, fetal alcohol syndrome, autism, and their families. The programs offered by the department include residential options ranging from periodic support in community apartments to homes that support people with multiple and complex needs, and a variety of community outreach, recreational, and volunteer opportunities.

The department also supports people in small business, profit-sharing, and competitive employment. In all instances, the goal is to build a range of opportunities that can benefit people at various stages of their life. Services emphasize personal choice and focus on community participation and the use of natural sources of support. Each person is encouraged to develop and implement their own Individual Plan with assistance from family, friends, advocates and/or key support networks.

Our services for adults include:

Residential Services

Home Sharing

For people who prefer to share a home with someone, such as another family or a roommate, who provides ongoing support and assistance. We match people with individuals in the community who are able to provide long-term residential support in their home.

Supported Living

Periodic support for those who wish to maintain their own residence in the community.

Group Homes

Safe, supported homes, with appropriate levels of care, for people who have complex needs, including those with a developmental disability, multiple disabilities and high health needs, or a dual diagnosis (mental health, physical disability and developmental disability).

Personal Development Programs

A variety of daytime and evening activities that take place outside a person’s home. Activities include entrepreneurial pursuits, leisure and recreation, life skills development, volunteer placement and center-based programs.

Respite Programs

Provide families with a temporary break from the day to day responsibilities of caring for their son or daughter with a developmental disability.


Meaningful employment is a big part of inclusion. When appropriate, RMACL supports people to obtain paid employment. We work with individuals (and their support team) to discover how their unique interests and abilities will fit in the job market. We then seek out jobs/employers that would be a good match.

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