Personal Development Programs

Personal Development programs offer educational, social, leisure, recreational, and volunteer activities on either a part or full-time basis. These programs are ideal for people who like variety and seek opportunities within the community, wish to supplement their working career with other learning, or need additional time to help prepare for supported or competitive employment. Each Personal Development program provides customized services that contain a well-planned, rich, and varied schedule of activities to promote the development of skills and interests. In designing programs, RMACL engages the “whole person”, providing a supportive environment in which people are challenged to achieve clear outcomes that are essential to their future goals.

Leisure and Recreation

We encourage and assist people to participate in leisure, recreational, and social activities in the community. Whether individual or group based, we help people to schedule activities that build on other services and encourage the development of social relationships and contacts.

Life Skills

We provide flexible, time-limited support to people in the development of practical skills such as bus training, meal preparation, money management, and advocacy. Where appropriate, the life skills program provides referral to other community agencies and resources.


Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the community, develop skills, and increase social networks. For people who have a passion and commitment toward a certain cause, we can help them obtain a meaningful volunteer placement and provide support that will make the experience successful.

Arts and Culture

in partnership with Ilse Phillips, Director and Instructor along with Maria Daley, part-time Instructor, RMACL is pleased to offer Vicuna Art, a studio/gallery for emerging artists to grow both personally and professionally. Under this team’s discerning eye, many people have learned to express their unique creativity, creating some amazing works of art that have gone on to exhibit and sell at galleries and art shows throughout the Lower Mainland.


Topics in Fire Safety, First Aid, Relationships and Boundaries, Stress Management, and Advocacy, are just a few of the interest sessions and workshops that we have hosted to meet the educational requests of clients. The community, as well, offers other valuable resources that people can be supported to enroll in or attend.


Are you interested in joining a cooking class, participating in a book reading club, or seeing a movie with friends? RMACL offers many social events and activities throughout the year. If we can’t provide what you’re looking for, we can partner or connect you with other agencies that do.

To access these programs you must be over the age of 19 have a developmental disability, fetal alcohol syndrome or autism, and be referred by Community Living BC. Some activities may be available without a referral and on a user pay basis. For more information contact our Director of Employment and Community Services Roger Larmor at 604-467-8700 Ext 110 or by email at

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