Program Description

Respite is one of the most important components of services RMACL provides to support the family.

The Respite program helps you plan for out-of-home visits with an “extended” family for your child. Respite visits can be a special time for the whole family. Your child has opportunities for new friendships and experiences and you, as parents, have the opportunity to do things that aren’t easy to find the time to do when caring for your child. Some parents choose to spend uninterrupted time with other family members and each other, go to appointments, or simply have a rest from their responsibilities.

Some children, youth and families may require enhanced levels of respite care from 6 days up to a maximum of 14 days per month. RMACL provides this enhanced level of respite on a contract basis in a limited number of situations. Children and Youth must be eligible for the Children and Youth with Special Needs (CYSN) program through the Ministry of Children and Family Development. An individualized contract for these services must also be approved through MCFD Resources and Planning. For further information in regards this program, please contact your CYSN social worker or contact our Respite Consultant Shelby Ellis at 604-467-8700 Ext 118 or by email

We can structure a range of flexible respite options in the following locations:

  • A family’s home
  • A caregiver’s home
  • Parent & child playgroups
  • The community

How Does the Respite Program Work?

The respite program provides safe, caring home environments for children with special needs. Your child’s respite program will be designed by you and the Respite Coordinator to meet your child’s and your family’s needs. Some children are best served by having an extended break from the routines of home life, while others find that shorter, more frequent, breaks are the best option. Respite families and respite support workers are readily available in your child’s home community.

What About My Child’s Programs and Activities?

While your child is at respite, the caregiving family continues with your child’s existing programs and activities.

Who Runs the Respite Program?

The Respite Coordinator screens, orients, and monitors all caregivers. The Coordinator provides a choice of suitable caregivers to families wishing to use respite services.

How to Access this Service

To access this program, you must have a child with a developmental disability or delay who is between birth and 19 years of age. Referrals are made through the Ministry of Children & Family Development. Families who have alternate funding may purchase this service directly, without a referral.

To find out more about the program, please call our Respite Consultant Shelby Ellis at 604-467-8700 Ext 118 or by email

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