Employment Support

RMACL offers a wide variety of employment supports and business opportunities for clients, from pre-employment life skill training and career exploration to job search assistance, on the job supports, self employment exploration and guidance, and a variety of co-operative employment work sites.

Pre-Employment Support

Many pre-employment training and work readiness programs are included both formally and informally in the “Personal Development Programs”. These “soft” vocational opportunities are individually customized and designed to build both confidence and skills for work readiness.

Career Exploration and Employment Readiness

Individual and group career exploration services are offered to job seekers for both volunteer and competitive paid employment. Some services are provided internally and others are accessed within the community and at local school and college settings.

Job Search

A full array of supports ranging from resume writing to job search and interview skills training are offered. Participants are provided customized one to one support and often work collaboratively with other personal supports to ensure success.

Job Site Support

Support can be provided on a job site to assist with training and ongoing job retention needs. If appropriate, wage subsidies and or the purchase of assistive equipment may be provided to help facilitate durable employment outcomes.

Co-operative & Self Employment Support

A variety of self employment and modified self employment opportunities can be accessed via RMACL’s services. While many opportunities to earn income can be found within some of the “Personal Development Programs,” there are also a number of individuals independently invested in unique business ventures. These may be supported in partnership with RMACL and government organizations such as CLBC, Service Canada and Employment Services BC.

For more information or if you have any questions about these programs please contact Roger Larmor @ 604-467-8700 Ext 110 or email roger.larmor@rmacl.org

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