October is Community Living Month

Inclusion BCWhat is Community Living Month? “Building on an idea first conceived by members of Community Living Victoria, Inclusion B.C. launched a community development initiative called ‘Community Living Day’ in 1996. The project encouraged members to find ways to celebrate individual and group based successes in community inclusion activities. The response and outpouring of support was so positive that Community Living Day is now a month long celebration with events and activities happening across Canada.

188045_8868The celebrations are often light hearted and fun with festive parties and accolades for individuals , groups and organizations.  However these celebrations are purposeful and important. They remind us how far we have come in breaking down barriers and creating more inclusive and welcoming communities. They are also inspiring reminders of the work that is still needed to be done for access to a variety of supports, such as housing, employment and host of other life affirming needs. The celebrations prove that success can be achieved and the stories and awards shared throughout this month are inspiring and motivating. Community Living Month is a Celebration but it is also a rallying call.

Check out the numerous activities hosted by RMACL and our partner agencies throughout the lower mainland. Find out more both here on this website but also on the CLBC website for community events hosted throughout the province

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