If you are thinking about sharing your home and time with a person with a developmental disability but are not yet comfortable with the commitment of seven days a week, 24 hours a day, consider becoming a respite care provider.

Respite Providers are contracted to provide temporary, short term relief to families by spending one on one time together with their child or adult family member. Respite can be provided as planned regular visits, emergency visits or occasional visits, including evenings and weekends. It is usually provided in the respite provider’s home but may include participating in community activities.

Respite is an individually designed service and Respite Providers are responsible for following daily routines and often planning various interactive activities outside of the home such as going to a park, art gallery, library, or simply sharing time together.

Respite Providers undergo an intensive screening process that includes a criminal record search, medical clearance, reference checks, interview by the child (as appropriate) or adult with a disability and his or her family, and a detailed home study with questions about lifestyle, personal supports, values and family dynamics.

RMACL takes great care in the process of matching people to each other and assuring that relationships work. Matching means a harmonizing of values, interests, and mutual commitments. As such, approval as a Respite Provider does not guarantee that you will be selected to provide respite services.

RMACL provides ongoing educational opportunities for Respite Providers through its Training and Development department.

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