Supported Child Development

Program Description

All families should have the same choices for childcare within their communities, no matter what their child’s needs are.
Supported Child Development is a community-based program that is grounded in the belief that inclusion and family centred practice are important in helping children who require any level of support to actively participate in a full range of child care settings.
Inclusion as an overall philosophy supports the right of all children, regardless of their abilities, to participate actively in natural settings within their communities. It is an approach to delivering service in which all children are welcomed, supported and valued. It means that the activities of play, learning and growing happen in a way that all children feel that they belong. Supported Child Development recognizes that as parents, you know your child best and are the most important member of the team. We work in collaboration with you and the childcare program to best support your child.

Youth Visions

Youth Visions is an after school program for youth ages 13 to 18 who have met the eligibility requirements for the Supported Child Development Program. Parents of the youth are either working or in school and the youth in the program require support and assistance to have a safe and fulfilling after school experience.
The program, which is based out of the RMACL Child and Youth Centre, focuses on life skill development, recreational opportunities and building friendships.
For more information on Youth Visions, please call the Supported Child Development program office at 604 466 8761 and ask to speak to the Supported Child Development Intake worker.

What We Do

Our Consultants:

  • assist families to find options for child care programs that best meet the needs of their child and family
  • work collaboratively with families, childcare programs, and other community professionals to develop individual goals
  • make referrals to other community programs and professionals or support you in doing so
  • provide training and support to parents and child care providers
  • assist in community and kindergarten transitions
  • determine eligibility for service and levels of support that can be provided, including extra staffing support

Who We Serve

Supported Child Development services address the needs of parents and caregivers who are either working or in school. The services allow parents and caregivers to continue with their employment or learning while their child grows and learns in a safe and nurturing environment.
The program is for children aged birth to 12 years who have a developmental delay or disability in any physical, cognitive, communicative or emotional, social or behavioral area and require additional support in a childcare setting because of that disability or delay. Services for children aged 13 through 19 may be provided on an individual basis.
Childcare Providers include any licensed or registered license-not-required child care or preschool program, as well as recreational summer program, located in Maple Ridge or Pitt Meadows. In some circumstances we also provide support to childcare that occurs in the child’s own home.

How to Access this Program

The Supported Child Development Program is voluntary and free of charge. In preschools and daycares, or where extra staffing support is provided, the parent may be required to pay a space fee.

Referrals require permission from parents and are made by parents, physicians, public health nurses, child care programs and other community professionals.

To find out more about the program, and whether it is right for you and your child, please call our program office at 604-466-8761 and ask to speak to the Supported Child Development/Infant Development intake worker. Alternatively, you can email the intake desk at

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