Family Support

Program Description

The Family Support Program is a community and home-based program that builds on the strengths of families to empower them and increase their support network.

Our goal is to support parents in making informed decisions about the issues that affect the quality of their children’s lives by encouraging collaboration between families and professionals in the design and delivery of service. We’ll also attend meetings as a support person and help make the voice of parents heard.

We coordinate parent workshops on topics pertaining to raising a child with a disability and we help facilitate parent to parent connections when families want to connect with others with similar experiences.

The Family Support Program can help families navigate disability related resources and programs to:

  • Gather and interpret resource information
  • Complete application forms
  • Find funding sources to assist in accessing community parenting, leisure, and education programs

We can also provide support through:

  • Regular updates on services and supports available by email
  • Lay counseling by phone or in person
  • Referrals to other community services

We recognize that when families are empowered and they partner with professionals, their advocacy efforts are strengthened and services are improved.

Some examples of the parent to parent programs available are:

It’s All About Connections – support group for parents of children with extra support needs. This group meets monthly during the day at the RMACL offices. Onsite caregiving may be available for preschool-aged children.

The Ridge Meadows Autism Information and Support Group is for parents of children diagnosed with Autism or other developmental disabilities and is held the last Tuesday of the month at our office.

We also provide opportunities directly for children through a partnership with Kids Up Front to help families access free sporting and cultural events.

Families who are interested in this service can contact Tracy Hewgill at the contacts listed below.

How to Access This Program

You must have a child with a developmental disability. Referrals are accepted from any source. To find out more about this program, please call our Family Support consultant Tracy Hewgill at 604-467-8700 Ext 119 or by email

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