The Sound of Music!

The Sound of Music fills RMACL’s Kingston Building every Tuesday and Thursday.

In September 2018 RMACL commenced a pilot project to explore the benefits of Music Therapy with select individuals. While the agency has always included music in its many programs, RMACL had never offered a dedicated “therapeutic music program” with a trained Music Therapist. To clarify, while music and singing are inherently positive for most people, the difference when working with a Music Therapist is that individuals work towards specific goals such as improving speech, gross and fine motor skills, social confidence.

To support this project the agency hired Birgit Giesser a well-known and respected formally trained Music Therapist who was willing to help us explore this therapeutic tool. Birgit credentials are impressive and include BEd., BMT, MTA Music Therapist Accredited, Neurologic Music Therapist accreditation.

Beginning with just a few students and a handful of instruments it quickly became clear that the benefits of this program were incredible and that we needed to expand this program as soon as possible. In the fall of 2019, the second day of Music Therapy has added thanks in part to the amazing support of Haney Rotary and local business “Once Upon A Tea” who hosted an amazing street party fundraiser and a significant grant from the charitable organization “Music Heals. ”.

Plans are now underway to create a dedicated studio space that can accommodate a variety of sensory and therapeutic needs allowing for even more creativity and varied activities.

To help appreciate how impactful this program has been we proudly share with you a sampling of the overwhelmingly positive comments from students, supporting staff, families, and caregivers…

· “ she waits all week to go” … caregiver
· “ he never used to ask for anything… now he is singing requests” …support staff
· “he used to sit alone at lunch, now he sits with peers” … Program Supervisor
· “ I used my music therapy to help relax before my surgery, I couldn’t have done it otherwise” … Student
· “I have so much to share with the world” … Student
· “ we cannot explain how wonderful this has been…it’s been a revelation for us all” … a family member

Due to the success and popularity of this service RMACL cannot accommodate any new referrals at this time but are accepting internal agency referrals for our waitlist.

If you’d like to support this program, please consider making a direct donation to RMACL here or consider making a dedicated donation via Music Heals and help us grow this opportunity and share the joy of music.

Once Upon a Tea Leaf
Music Heals
Haney Rotary
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