Music REALLY Counts

This past year RMACL’s Music Therapy Program was awarded a significant donation by MusiCounts and TD Community to purchase musical instruments and equipment. Up until this time the RMACL Music Therapy program had been operating on just a handful of purchased items and a collection of donated used items. The support of Music Counts enabled RMACL to purchase a carefully curated collection of instruments that will support its music therapy participants now and for the foreseeable future. Instruments were carefully chosen to be appealing to young children, teens, and young adults and yet be adaptable if needed for those with neuro-diverse or physically diverse needs. Along with helping individual participants, this new collection has also helped group-based therapy sessions ensuring all participants can access preferred equipment. The funding has also helped RMACL’s mobile and outreach Music Therapy services with many more items now available for sharing and loaning.

The donation from Music Counts did not just transform the instrument collection at RMACL Music Therapy, it transformed its service delivery and the ability of our Music Therapy program to provide quality programming now and well into the future!

To find out more about the Music Education Charity of Canada follow this link and consider making a donation today to help them support even more Canadian children and youth.

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