Aboriginal Children’s Programs

Program Description

RMACL hosts both the Aboriginal Infant Development and Aboriginal Supported Child Development program. These programs ensure that Aboriginal children and their families living in the communities of Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and Katzie First Nation have access to culturally appropriate infant development and supported child development services. RMACL acknowledges the unique position of Aboriginal people and respects their right to design and deliver services that meet their needs.

The Aboriginal Infant Development and Supported Child Development programs ensure that aboriginal children, whether they live on or off reserve, are seen within the context of their family, community, culture, traditions, and ancestry. These programs encourage activities and materials that respect aboriginal heritage and recognize the role of Elders and extended family in the parenting roles.

The Aboriginal Infant Development Program (AIDP) offers support to the families of infants who are at risk of or have been diagnosed with a development disability or delay. AIDP consultants work in respectful ways to support families and their infants through early developmental stages.

Participation in AIDP is voluntary, family centered and primarily focused on children from birth to age 3. AIDP consultants offer home visits, play groups, family support and parent to parent links. A lending library includes books, videos, journals, toys and adaptive equipment.

To learn more about the Infant Development Program, including the services provided, click here.

The Aboriginal Supported Child Development Program (ASCD) is a family-centered program that is available to children between birth and 19 and their families within a preschool or daycare setting. ASCD consultants work collaboratively with families and childcare providers to ensure inclusion and the wellness of all children and to promote developmentally appropriate goals across settings (home, child care settings, school, etc.).

To learn more about the Supported Child Development Program, including the services provided, click here.

How to Access this Program

To find out more about the Aboriginal Infant Development or Aboriginal Supported Child Development program, and whether it is right for you and your child please call the intake worker at:

AIDP: 604 466-0787
ASCD: 604 466-8761

Alternately you can contact the Infant Development/Supported Child Development intake desk at wendy.blaine@rmacl.org

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